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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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 Setting Up A Google Apps Account for Forwarding  

Kingdom Officers and others get an email account with the or domain.  This lets us put an email address up on the web that is consistent for the job being performed and also protects private email addresses from being harvested by spam robots.  The Kingdom of Atenveldt currently uses Google Apps to manage email accounts and provide access to services like Google Docs.

The Kingdom Web Minister's office will manage the forwarding of email for a office email, but in many cases the officers may want to manage it themselves.  Giving them access to Google Docs to provide for people that come after them in the office and handle adding deputies on and off of the alias as they see fit.  Using the filters described below, the officer could have only certain types of emails forwarded to certain deputies.

Logging In
Adding a Forwarding Address
Verifying that Forwarding is Allowed
Adding a Filter that Forwards
Changing your Password

Logging in

If you are an officer who wants to manage your office account to get access to Google Docs and the Email, as well as managing your own alias, please request the password from the Kingdom Web Minister.  
Once you have the password,
Users with addresses can go to
Users with addresses should go to to log in.

 Login with the password provided to you by the webmin.

Notes: If you already have a google account, you will need to log out the first time you log in to your new or account.   You can enable multiple logins for your accounts and then switch which account you are looking at.  Info for that is available here:
After logging in, you may get a privacy notice and terms of service screen.

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Forwarding Email

In order to set up forwarding, the account being forwarded to must verify that it wants to receive email from this address.  To do this, go to the settings screen and then to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

 Click the add a forwarding address button.  Put in the address and confirm.

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Verifying the Address

The address that you specified will now be sent an email with a link in it.  Either have the owner of that account click the link or click it yourself if you are forwarding to your own account.

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Set up a Filter that Forwards

Once you have got permission to forward to an address, you need to actually enable it on the Google Apps Mail account.  Using the forwarding option from that tab will only forward to one address.  In order to forward to more than one address, set up a set of filters.
Leave the forwarding disabled on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Go to the filter tab.

Create a new Filter and enter an * in the To: field.  This will choose all mail to the account (even if its addressed to a group that the account belongs to).  Here is where you can do some modifications and choose Test Search if you wish to only forward certain types of email to someone.  Click Next Step>>

 Now choose to forward it to one of the address you have approved to forward to.

 You can also choose any of the other options.  Delete it if you don't want email stored in this account.  An option that may be useful if you are keeping the mail is to add a label to it.  This would help you find email that was forwarded to a certain person, especially if that person only gets some of the emails.   Below are screen shots showing creating a new label.

 Here is a listing of a couple of filters:

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Changing the Password on the Officer Account

If you want to change the password on the shared account after the Web Minister provides you with the password, or after a deputy leaves office or for any other reason, here is how to do it.
Go to the Accounts Tab and at the bottom, choose Google Account Settings.

From this screen, choose Change Password.

Finally, Enter your current password along with a Strong Password (non-dictionary word, preferably with a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols).

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